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Animated movies

This is a growing trend in the digital world. Animated movies show up here and there in all possible channels and the response they’ve received has been extremely positive.

With creativity, commitment and knowledge, we create animated movies that engage its spectators, creating an interplay between customer and business. By combining the techniques of pioneering character with innovative ideas and experience, we can supply our clients movies with class and personality.

Contact us to tell us what you need and what visions you have. No project is too big or too small to be of interest to us.

A movie’s key elements


For some companies it’s a more sobering and serious tone that best conveys their message, and for others it’s more worthwhile to invest in a lighter playful structure. For example, law firm vs. toy store.

We produce animations and characters best suited to your company, service and product, whether it’s a humorous or more strict movie you are seeking.

Sound and Narration

To create an accurate feel and an appropriate tone, the choice of music and narration is very important. If you’ve got ideas and solutions regarding this, we apply them in the production. Otherwise we help you to find a voice and background noise that’s suitable for your products and company.

Save your time and let us spend ours

When we’ve made it clear what you want and what you need we will return as quickly as possible with creative suggestions and possible ideas for the script, story and animation, etc. From here on, the only thing you need to think about are you giving feedback on materials and drafts during the production, i.e. if you don’t want a more involved role.

Stand -looking digital channels

Video advertisements has proven to be an extremely effective way for those who want to expand their customer base and increase their sales figures. Did you know that a movie has the ability to attract a different kind of audience? Perhaps it’s this audience who will become and remain your most loyal customers?

To take film production one step further, animated video is the answer. It’s modern, visually attractive and much easier understand for those who prefer moving pictures instead of texts and complicated sentences.

At TopBorn we have worked with online marketing in a professional way for many years now and is well oriented in how the digital channels appear and consumer behaviour looks like. We help you with everything from idea to finished product so that you too will be able to welcome new and old customers with a striking and trend-proof film.

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