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What do you say if we claim to know how we could increase your current sales figures while you also secure and enhance your current position with your customers?

Companies who add commercials to their marketing has been shown to have a greater chance to be remembered by the customer and selected instead of their competitors. In addition, commercials also help them to at strengthen their credibility towards consumers.

Commercials are both fun and effective for marketing purposes and at TopBorn we help you with productions that touch and capture the right audience.

Advertising with a little extra

Commercials have always been one of the most attractive and efficient ways to showcase a product or service to potential future customers. It’s neat, it’s affordable and conveys both the message and feeling.

The advantages of having a commercial are many. Customers prefer moving pictures in front of the text, the impact is way higher, while marketing of this type is extremely cost effective.

  • Advanced concepts gets clearer
  • A story is told in a way that makes it memorable
  • Your product gets a completely different life through the emotions aroused in the spectator
  • Understanding and confidence in your brand is strengthened
  • Your offer is clarified as simply and quickly as possible
  • A well directed and accurate commercial makes you stand out from competitors

Video ads

Click the image below for a fitting example of a video for social media.


Our work-process

Have you ever thought of the possibility to let your newly launched products or services take the lead role in a professionally produced commercial, presented in front of the customer at the very time when they’re looking for them?

To achieve all your expectations, we begin our partnership with a meeting where we highlight what the video are able to do for you and what parts are most important. After that we’ll put together a script based on our previous decision. Before we move further in the process, we will share our proposal with you so you feel involved and confident in the process.

Now it’s time for recording, and after that the production itself.

We’ll make you visible

Producing commercials are one thing, but for a commercial to be successful and fulfil its function it’s not enough that the production is perfect, it will also have to be marketed correctly and applied through the proper channels. As always, if no one sees it, it doesn’t exist.

With the help from our skilled and talented staff, your commercial will be optimised to appear where it benefits you the most. We’ve worked with online marketing for many years now, and we fully understand how to be successful and the complexity of it all.

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