Corporate Movies - from concept and creation to publishing

Corporate movies

The main reason why a company decides to produce a corporate movie is that they want to present their functions, values or offerings in a more personal way than it’s possible to do with words and written messages.

Are you interested in the possibility to be have a short professional movie on your company’s website or on social media that conveys your message? Contact us at TopBorn, we help you so that you have something spectacular to show the world.

Give your visitors your best

Because of all the benefits corporate movies has, it’s becoming more and more common that companies choose moving images in the purpose to present themselves and their activities. No other medium can be used to emphasise so much, so efficiently, in such a short time.

One could describe the movies as a form of advertisement for their business but without involving the classic marketing expressions. You will be able to highlight what the company stands for and it will also be able to build up your credibility to those who see it. It will also increase your reach with the help of satisfied customers who share and distribute the film through various social media.

Video ads

Click the image below for a fitting example of a video for social media.


Structure of strategy

 1. Incitament: Why have you decided to produce a corporate video? Is it because of a re-launch of a product, that you are ready to move up a gear, or maybe because you want to make your way past your competitors?

2. Objectives: What would you like to achieve with the movie? Awaken a smile, enhance trust, expand your customer network?

3. Target audience: Who should receive the message and who are in need of what you’re offering?

4. Values: This phase is of great importance. Surprisingly, many start production without any clear strategies and guidelines set, and often they experience that the huge sums of money they’ve spent has disappeared in a corporate video that falls flat without any greater effect on their customers.

Tailor-made productions

For us at TopBorn, quality and benefit are two extremely important guidelines, and we’re keen to customise each work-process based on each unique mission. For that to become possible, initially we want to get to know you, your business and what your goals are.

A strategy takes shape and production can begin

After we get to know you we can prepare a working strategy consisting of the your expectations, the main purpose of your upcoming movie and the budget for the entire project. A strategy that specifies your company, your target audience and the message that you want to highlight.


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