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360 View

This is the newest thing, it’s nice and it’s unbelievably cost efficient. The tour of the future is here, this is the new way to experience things and locations. At TopBorn we will take you thru a really nice and useful 360 view.

Invite your customers and business partners to a virtual tour. This is your opportunity to present your company, yourselves, your staff and your products in a professional and trustworthy way and TopBorn will help you all the way. Together we will create a solution that help you reach your goals and strengthen your brand. We have all the necessary expertise that is needed to handle everything from the first idea to a finished product. Then we make sure that it gets the maximum attention, in the right channels and in front of the right audience and that is for us to do and you to enjoy the results of. The only thing you need is an idea and a wish, we will handle the rest.

Are you ready for a new and exciting project? Call us today and let’s take the next big step together.

In general about

360 view is the really hot technique right now and it is developed for the purpose to visualize a room or a place in a way that gives the viewer a feeling of being right there and it gives a hole other experience than just ordinary pictures. The viewer can, more or less, step into the middle of the pictures and from there look around – in 360 degrees.

How far you can walk around or how much you will be able to explore is determined from the way you choose to produce your 360 view. Scree adaptation can be made in a so called street view and allows the viewer to move more freely around over the places that has been captured in the movie. If you put together snapshots on the other hand, it will give a panoramic view and with this technique you can only look around 360 degrees from a fixed position.

The benefit from this type off technique is dependent off the location used in the film and where you publish it. The main thing is to give a feeling of presence. Whether the viewer is in front of a computer or any other mobile device, they are supposed to experience it as if they were there.



What you get with Topborns 360 view

360 view is a perfect way as a presentation on your website or in your app, but there is other potential areas outside the digital ones. Why not use this new product on your next participation in your branch fair, and let your visitors walk through a virtual visit in your production? With this being a hole new product, the 360 view has all the possibilities in the future and the only thing holding you back is your imagination.

At TopBorn we love a challenge and it is always our customers wishes that set the limit. We grow from pushing the limits and developing creative solutions that gives each and everyone that extra little something for their web and communication. Read more on our site or call us and we will tell you more about us, our philosophy and our wide range of services.

  • A unique and adapted layout that fit your graphic profile.
  • High quality pictures.
  • Carefully processed sound and well selected background music will help to enhance the experience in total.
  • We can include many other functions, for example more information or links.
  • A product that is compatible with other units and is fully custom to give a positive response whether they use a computer, a mobile device or a smartphone.

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If you think this 360 view is a good way to present your company and your products in an efficient way to guide your customers the right way? We are just a phonecall away to help you. Let us give you a sense of what a 360 picture or movie could do for your business, and a consultation is always free of charge.

For several years we have helped thousands of customers in their communication with their customers and we want to help you to. We know, from experience and knowledge, how to form really strong advertisement, how to satisfy every customers unique needs and how to reach through to your customers in the best possible way. Think about what it is you need or if there is something that is missing in your marketing or website that will increase your revenue. Do you need a small input or a total solution? Give us a call, an email or use the contact form and we will get working on the right solution for your company and take your profit to a whole new level.

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