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Exhibition materials

The competition on an exhibition floor can be tough, and the biggest challenge is to stand out from the other companies. Everyone there will work hard for the visitors’ attention.

Good exhibition material will help you capture the visitors’ interest, and promote your company in the best way possible. Your booth should not only be functional, it should also represent your brand and radiate all the things that your company stands for.

We know that there is a lot to think about before younger on the exhibition floor. At TopBorn, we offer our knowledge to help you develop innovative solutions, based on your current needs and circumstances. We make sure that nothing of value is forgotten.

Exhibition materials – we’ve got the whole package

It requires both creativity and strategic planning to create an interesting overall impression. Your booth should stand out by making your brand visible in harmony with your company’s graphic profile.

You should look at your booth as a giant, three-dimensional ad. If you take your brand seriously, avoid all the shortcuts regarding the design of your booth. You need to focus on everything from color and fonts for your printed material to banners, roll-ups, wallpaper and furniture for your booth. It’s all about making sure that your brand is perceived in the right way.

Do you want to increase your company’s brand and build new contacts within the industry? We help you develop professional exhibition materials so that you get the maximum out of your presence at the fair, exhibition or show.


Right exhibition material makes a differenc

There are lots of different types of exhibition material that can help you create the best atmosphere possible. There’s something for all different purposes and budgets, it’s only your imagination that sets the limit for what you can do with your booth.

Signs, stickers, banners, wallpapers, carpets, roll-ups, flags, feature walls and beach flags are just a small part of all the material that can serve its purpose with you at an exhibition.

If you’re having a hard time making a decision, we would be happy to help. Whether it’s a major feature wall or a small banner, we will transform the white canvas into an effective message with the help of a good design and our understanding of communication.

TopBorn creates booths’ of the highest order

It requires time, thought and creativity to produce exhibition materials and to create a presence that attracts. At TopBorn we ensure that everything in your booth is well designed, for your brand to be more effective and efficient. We dare to think big, but of course we follow your graphic profile to the point. It’s all about taking it one step further to stand out from your competition.

Do you need help to execute your ideas? Please contact us at TopBorn. We help you to realize your dreams with high quality exhibition materials.

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