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Graphic profile

Your company’s graphic profile says more about your identity and your business than you might think. Customer impression often determines whether they choose you or one of your competitors.

How’s your graphic profile today? Is it consistent and does it describe who you are and where you stand?

At TopBorn we have the answers and are happy to help you with creating a graphic identity worthy of your business. Get in touch or come by, so we can describe a little bit more about what a graphic profile means for a company and where it could take you.

A first-class graphic profile gives your company authority

The visual identity doesn’t only have a decorative role, it can in many cases also be the factor that determine whether the customer chooses to go with you or anyone else. It’s with a well thought out and structured profile that your identity can be strengthened and given a more professional presentation. What words can’t describe, your graphic profile can.

What makes a good graphic profile?

The goal of a graphic profile is to create harmony and cohesion regarding all material processed in the company. By then consistently assume its “graphic regulations” regarding both the material’s appearance and usage, you will be able to carve out a trustworthy and professional approach that will increase your likability and strengthen your position.


Creating a positive impression that sells

Without a clear profile then the whole picture will be fuzzy. Customers are unsafe, insecure and what you have to say will have less impact. This applies to everything you have provided – business website, printed materials, ads, photos, your design, logo etc.

We help you to develop a coherent visual identity that stands for who you are. So far we have helped countless customers with a comprehensive concepts including everything from website, presentation materials to a basic logo. The only thing we need from you is a desire, a thought and your confidence, we’ll do the rest.

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