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Product sheet

A good and effective product sheet simplifies your sales process.

A closer presentation of your products, services and your brand means a lot to your marketing.

With the help of functional product sheets, you as a company can highlight specific products from your range and account for their various uses. You can also take the help of its graphic design to attract and arouse the interest of your potential customers.

No matter what your aim is with your product sheet, we can help you develop a graphic design that follows your company’s profile and that meets your consumers needs. We take its attractive aspects into account, but also ensure that it fulfills its function.

Upgrade or renewal that increase your benefit

Even if your existing product sheet has been profitable so far there’s an ongoing development in all industries, which makes it necessary to periodically review your materials. When did you last review your product sheet?

Sometimes it’s enough with a simple change and in other cases it takes a total renovation. Continuous controls are necessary to ensure its function, and you possibly need to update the material as well. It’s especially important during major campaigns or brand initiatives.

We know graphic design and help you with improving your existing product sheets or create new materials that lead your company to greater sales.





The purpose of a product sheet

A product sheet contains summarized descriptions of your various products. Depending on what you deliver and produce, such information may, for example, describe the technical characteristics, performance, content, its components or software. In addition, you should also describe how products are used and handled both before, during and after use.

It’s either the company that supply the product or the company that place it on the market that will account for the production of the product sheet. The basic idea is simply to give consumers all the information they need to understand its function and facilitate its handling.

Using your product sheet

Product sheets are put together for a variety of purposes, all of which are meant to highlight the company’s personal profile. Properly used, the material will contribute for the benefit of the company’s total value. Good design represents the products in the best way, but at the same time  reflect your company’s graphic image and strengthen your brand awareness.

TopBorn deliver profitable graphic design

Whatever it is that you wish to say with your product sheet, we can help you. We know graphic design and as a professional marketing agency, we also know what it takes to help your company to be the best version possible.

Please contact us and let us get the most out your specific wishes and needs. With dedication and expertise, we can then develop sharpened and profitable product sheets that will help you in your future sales processes.

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