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Image Editing

That a picture says more than a thousand words is probably something you’ve heard of before. Sometimes, however, a picture require an extra push to deliver its message in the right way. It doesn’t matter how good a photographer you are, or the motive.

This is precisely what editing is all about. To use computers to manipulate and enhance photos to make them better suited to its purpose, and at TopBorn we’re happy to help you with this!

Do you want a push in the right direction to be able to publish professional and perfected images on the web or in your publications? Contact us and tell us in more detail what we can help you with.

Editing gets you where the camera can not reach

To edit an image in the right way you need to look at the whole picture, how do we make it optimal for it’s use and placement. It could be smaller changes ranging from its size and cropping it to fit the brochure or the website it’s supposed to be displayed at, or major projects to change its light input for example. The intention is to convey its message in a clear and efficient way.

Common image editing tasks include:

  • Measures to red eye
  • Application of filters
  • Color / lighting adjustment
  • Changing the format
  • Retouching
  • Manipulation

What’s included in image editing?

Only by having a skilled photographer on the spot and the right light conditions, you can come incredibly far, but if it’s perfection you seek, it’s image editing of the highest caliber that can take you there. Our image editors that we have here at TopBorn is not only thoroughly oriented regarding all the technical parts, but also has an innate and shroud aesthetic eye for detail. We already help a variety of customers with their photos and can handle everything from a simple task of trimming to more advanced issues and retouching.

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