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Presentation video

Fast, easy and pleasant for your customers.

A presentation video is exactly what it sounds like. A video that shows the essence of your offer, how your product or service work and how it will be able to change and simplify your customers lives. If it’s well produced it can be used in a variety of contexts, such as your website, in social media, PowerPoint presentations in an exhibition booth or in other places where you can connect with your customers.

Help your customers to save valuable time by summarizing all the essentials, while avoiding the risk that something could go unnoticed when they search for information.

Present your company and your products on film

It might be that the best presentation of your company, products or services happens face to face, but a presentation video are not far behind. You will be able to create a more intimate atmosphere in your meeting with your customer if you yourself presents the offer, product or service in the video.

Help your customers to save their valuable time. Instead of having to scroll through the texts and descriptions on your website or in your printed material, it will be enough with a click to take part of the same information. That gives you a greater opportunity to influence their perception of you company and a reduced risk that important information is somehow lost.

A running project

Click the image below for a fitting example of a video ad for social media.


The best delivery of message is with sound and picture

If you want to present individual products or services to your customers in a way that create maximum commitment, a presentation video could be the way to go. To create interest you want to keep your information less rigid and more appealing.

What is it that you want to present? The possibilities are as numerous as your needs. You could for example use a presentation video to introduce yourself and your business, your services, products, upcoming events or news. It’s also a suitable media to present your previous customer reviews. When it comes to confidence-building and marketing, customer satisfaction is the most effective you have.

We help you in the process

To create a functional presentation video you need to focus on its main purpose and the feeling you want to share. Creativity also has a big part to play when you include everything from serious interview segments to light-hearted animations.

At TopBorn we can help you create both animations and recorded presentation videos. We always makes sure that the videos presents you in the best way possible ins regard to your graphic profile.

Let us design a powerful concept where your visions and needs lay as a foundation.

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