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Product video

As many others, your dream is probably to sell and deliver more of your products and services.

With a competent product video you inject life into your products and presents them in a neat and efficient way.

Lots of companies have picked up the benefits of exposure via moving pictures and product videos. The benefits of having a video on your social media pages and other strategically selected websites. Our next product video project could be yours!

An efficient tool that sells

The statistics speak for themselves. The probability for a product or service to be sold after that the client has got acquainted with it through a video increases by 64%. As if that was not enough, the conducted surveys has also indicated that companies has increased their turnover significantly just by having a product video on their website and social media accounts.

Enhances your products

The main function of a product video is to show the specific product in the most fair and inclusive manner as possible. There are limitations on what can be described with clever sentences and elaborate texts. In a product video the item is shown from several angles, at the same time as a graphic text or educational narration closer describes your message. Characteristics, features and benefits that make the product to all that it is.



Product video of varying shape

You know what best suits your company’s products and services, but whatever your requests are we will provide you with a profitable solution. Share your visions, expectations, the budget you have in mind and all the information you want to include in the video along with artwork we can make use of.

Do you want to keep it simple? Whatever the costs and extravagance, it’s quite possible to maintain the full effect of the production. It may be sufficient to have a person standing with the product you want to market, at the same time that he or another narrator describes all its essential features and functions.

Another approach might be to allow the product to spin for the spectators while the camera rolls, alternatively shoot from multiple angles. Proper lighting and a good script will get us a long way, but there’s still a lot of work to do before we can be satisfied with a product video that’s captivating and professional enough.

Right competence makes a difference

At TopBorn we’ve got the experience, knowledge and tools needed to be able to give you more than just a functional product video. With an aesthetic eye, understanding of the industry and a great interest, we can provide your company and your profits with a big boost.

Please contact us at TopBorn, we will help you to highlight your products from its best angles so that your customers are led to make faster and safer decisions regarding their need for your products and services.

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