Sveriges snyggaste kontor 2016 - TopBorn

Sveriges snyggaste kontor 2016

In September 2015, the renovation of our offices was ready and we could finally move in. We’re extremely pleased and proud with the outcome, and now we have been nominated in the contest Sveriges Snyggaste Kontor! The competition takes place every year in order to show how many inspiring and smart offices there are in the country. The winning office is considered to have the best style and the smartest and most innovative design.

We feel that we have what it takes! If you do the same, please go and cast your vote and help us win this!

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Our motivation: A modern and creative environment

Our vision was to create a modern and functional environment that encourages and inspires creativity, something that we feel that we have managed to achieve. That include many open spaces that make it easy to move and change workplace and perspectives.

Our main desire was to strengthen our relationships and allow for beneficial collaborations between departments. We’re proud of our offices and are more than happy to invite customers for inspiring meetings. We feel that our brand is strengthened by our working environment and we have lifted ourselves and our work to a higher level. The choices of material harmonize with each other and the experience for all who come here is that it’s a fantastic environment.


A trendy office that reflects us at TopBorn

The ideas started to take shape in 2013 and the following year the renovation began on Mariedalsgatan 5 in Borås.

Our goal was to create a trendy, stylish and functional environment that encourages and inspires creativity and that reflects us as modern digital agency. We took advantage of the cool cathedral ceilings, highlighted the old beams and allowed for as much natural light as possible. Glass became an obvious choice of material for the walls and doors, and in addition, we chose materials such as concrete and wood to the table surfaces. To enliven and harmonize, we decided to have soft flooring, carpets and wall art in shades of purple, blue and green.

Please come by and visit!

Come by and see how we work! Look around, have a coffee and let us tell you more about how we could help your company create a profitable presence online.

At TopBorn we work to develop customized and innovative solutions for customers to help them reach out to more consumers, strengthen their brand and improve their customer conversion.

Do you want to rank higher on Google, benefit from advertising with the highest accuracy or showcase a new trendy website that reflects you in the best way? Please contact us to find out more about what we can do to help you.

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