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Our entire business is based on mutual commitment, quality and desire to deliver profitable and valuable solutions for our customers. We work together to create a workplace that benefits both us as colleagues and our customers, that’s the way we like it here on TopBorn. A creative and exuberant place where all the players are equally important and contribute to the possibilities to give customers the very best of us.

As one of us, you get:

  • To be who you are. We’re all different and that’s something we at TopBorn appreciates and encourages.
  • The opportunity to develop and learn new things, either in the role you’re in today, or maybe in a completely new one. We believe that continuity is an important part of our company, and would be more than happy to have our employees with us for as long as possible.
  • To influence what’s happening and how the day looks at our workplace. Together we can create a work environment in which we thrive and thus get the best conditions to deliver the best products and services we possibly can.
  • Participation in kick-offs, joint breakfasts and other events that we arrange with regular intervals. We care about our team spirit and tries to have fun and a good time together as often as possible.

We are TopBorn



Additional facts about us:

  • Today TopBorn consists of approximately 40 employees with an average age of 32. We’re 28% female and 72% male employees and believes in equality. Today we’re located in Sweden, Finland and Denmark.
  • In 2016, TopBorn shows a total turnover of about 30 million. Approximately 30% of our projects are international.
  • We conduct performance reviews at regular intervals so that we can learn more about what our employees has to say. Their opinions and general feelings about their environment and workplace.
  • To participate and encourage the employees in one way or another, we’re eager to take care of their physical health, therefore we contribute an annual health care allowance. The grant can for example be, help those who wants to go to the gym, swim or get massages etc.
  • We understand how the work environment can affect both the employees’ job performance and job satisfaction. Therefore, we’ve got brand new and inspiring facilities with modern work tools and ergonomics in mind.
  • We value the qualities that gender, age, ethnic and cultural diversity brings to our business.

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