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A lot of people find todays technologies hard to get a hang of and downright difficult to manage. We know from experience how diffuse technology can be experienced and are therefore keen to be able to respond to our customers with the understanding and the best possible support .

For us at TopBorn, good service is not only about us delivering the best digital solutions for our clients, but also focusing on the ongoing support as an obvious task in a flawless service.

If there should be any problems, we’re available for support through both phone, email and chat. We strive to provide the fastest possible response at times when technology malfunctions or other issues arise.

Comprehensive support for your safety

Everyone knows how annoying it is to be placed on hold, and then be confronted by a person who doesn’t have the right knowledge to provide answers to your questions. A situation and feeling that can be very frustrating.

This is precisely what we’re trying to avoid when you contact our support. A feeling that we want to spare our customers from.



What characterises good support?

There are some key elements that we think are especially important in regard to good support and that you therefore can expect when you make contact with us.

  • Good availability and short response times
  • Friendly and respectful treatment
  • Professional expertise
  • Fast, easy and clear answers
  • Possibility to get advice and solutions for you to help yourself

We are here for you

Our ambition is to always be there for our customers and enable them to feel safe with us both before and after we start our cooperation. Support is one of the most important things we have to be able to reach that goal, and we take the task of being reachable and available very serious. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions or problems. Whether it is the translation of a technical term, or if the system is on strike, and we promise you to do our utmost to remedy the situation.

What kind of support do you prefer?

We always try to meet our customers and their problems in the best way, and therefore also have several options to support. You can call, send an email, read our guides or contact us through our support chat that you’ll find here on our website. In situations where it’s required, we have the possibility to connect to your computer and help you get ahead of the dilemma by remote control.

Do you need help?


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    We start with an initial meeting and free consultation at our offices or by phone.'

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    Together we analyze how your situation looks today regarding your current solution.

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    We then go on to focus on your needs and presents you with a new approach.

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