Cookies and the Personal Data Act.

You can read about how we use cookies below and also the rules of the Personal Data Act (PUL).
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Cookies are used to improve the services on a website and consist of small text files stored on the visitor’s computer where they store browsing information. Some cookies are necessary for the page’s function and others are used to facilitate and enhance the user experience of the site.

Examples of use:

  • allows for specific services such as payment or reservation
  • enable the site to store data so that the user doesn’t need to enter information such as login credentials more than once
  • keep statistics on the number of visitors to help you develop the site to be faster and easier

You can choose to block all or part of the use of cookies, or delete already saved files on your computer through the settings in your browser. There you can also set up so that an alert window pops up when you step on to sites that try to arrange cookies with you.

If you choose not to accept the use of cookies, it can result in that some of the sites functions deteriorates and some may become completely unusable.

Necessary cookies are used, inter alia, in order to:

  • memorize the contents of a shopping cart
  • memorize your interests

Function, performance, and third-party cookies are used, inter alia, in order to:

  • memorizing contact information
  • ensure that all pages are perceived as consistent
  • improve the user experience
  • enable live chat feature

All information that is stored, only contains information that the users themselves has shared, and nothing will be shared with third parties. It will only be used by the website itself and its personalization of your experience.

Privacy Policy

At TopBorn we take full responsibility for the information that you provide to us and ensures that it is treated properly and do not reach a third party. From the time we receive the information, it will only be used to fulfill your needs and desires as well as our obligations to you as a customer.

Your personal information is used, inter alia, in order to:

  • be able to share our newsletter
  • implement customer or market analyses
  • implement product and method development
  • treat the current subscriptions

Upon request, you have the right to obtain detailed information about what information we have registered and how we make use of them. You also have full rights to request the correction or deletion of the personal data we possess.