It’s finally here and we at TopBorn are very proud to present our fresh revamped site! Months of work and a number of late nights are over for this time. We really feel that we have managed to reflect ourselves as the modern digital agency we are and has captured most of what customers and consumers could take advantage of.

Besides TopBorn as a company, Mattias Modigh is the man behind the website’s original idea and the one that has stood next to the production team from day one. Since it’s his vision that has now taken form, we let he himself describe his idea and the idea behind the website through four well-chosen questions.

1. When did the work begin on the idea of a new website and how long has it taken, all in all?

At TopBorn we’ve got a pretty good idea of what a website can do for a company, and as head of production, our own website is of course always in mind – but one can say that the idea of the new website was born when we moved into our new offices here in Borås, in October 2015. in connection with the move, we obviously had a lot of things to concentrate on so we did not give ourselves the time for planning the new site until six months later, in the spring of 2016. A strategic web plan was put in place in the spring, and then, just before the holidays we started working on the design and structure of the site. After the holidays it was all about coding and content.

2. Why did it happen right now and what is the main objective / idea behind the site?

As our customers become more and also bigger, the demands for more products and services from our side has done the same. Today, we have a much greater range and is more of a supplier in digital marketing, web and advertising. We wish to convey this in a very clear way, as soon as possible.

And if we see it from our point of view. We want to get even closer to our customers and show who we really are and what we offer in a positive way, which we hope and believe that the new website will help us with. You will also see more of TopBorn regarding local events but also at various fairs and other events that takes place outside of our offices. The new site will be the basis for much of our own marketing and what we want to convey in the future.

3. Is the final result as you expected, and are you satisfied with it?

We are satisfied so far. The design is attractive and the information about our services are specific and good – that together with that the website showcases us in a nice way makes it a really good feeling. We will continue to work actively with the site in our own marketing so how happy I am in the end is hard to say, but right now, it feels very good.

4. Anyone special you want to thank?

I want to thank all the staff who have been involved in one way or another. After the holidays, up to launch, I have been like a thorn in the side for the entire production team, they have done an absolutely fantastic job!

Now we at TopBorn hope that you will get as much benefit and enjoyment of the page as we will. Welcome to us! Hope you enjoy your stay and that we get the opportunity to get to know each other in the fall!