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Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the perfect advertising portal for companies engaged in some form of e-commerce and would like to be more visible with the help of paid search. With custom shopping promotions it will be possible to promote your products on Google next to the organic results list. A picture of the product, the current price and a link directly to the checkout is proven to attract more users than text ads.

Are you running any kind of e-commerce and would like to hear more about what Google shopping can do for you or how to get started? By becoming a part of Google Shopping you expand your chances to increase sales while you also get the opportunity to discover and get to know new customers.

What is Google Shopping?

Whereas you previously only had the opportunity to advertise with text, you can now also showcase your products directly with the help of a picture and its price like a directory lookup. Consumers who click on the ad will then immediately be passed on to the website attached to the product to quickly and easily be able to finish their purchase of the specific product.

Internet is used daily by millions of people searching for products they are ready to buy. Google shopping is a tool that simplifies and improves their entire shopping experience while companies chances for sales and customer conversion also increases.

This is extremely effective marketing on a whole new level for E-merchants and perfectly complement SEO, Remarketing and other AdWords advertising.



Workable campaigns reach their targets

All campaigns have their own unique setting, with its own performance monitoring and its own budget. This way you can carefully pick out the right strategy for your product listings entirely based on your business goals. You can, for example choose where or who you want to target your ads to, and then adjust your bid based on how much you are prepared to invest for each specific ad. In this efficient way, it will be easier to reach your intended audiences.

Product targets and strategic bids

Product settings have been assisted to describe more about the products that you sell. The more information, the easier it is for AdWords to match the ad’s content with relevant searches.

Bid settings will in turn affect Google when making decisions about which products they’ll show. Primarily, it may be tactically to bid in the vicinity of your current keyword-targeted groups and then proceed to adjust according to your results.

TopBorn help you to maximize your results

If you want to get maximum results from your product listings it’s extremely important to understand and then use all of Google Shoppings strategic options and settings. Creating an ad itself is not a science, but it’s with the product ads unique settings that you can then increase the ad’s accuracy and ability to generate the greatest benefit.

Do you need help with advertising through Google Shopping? Please contact us at TopBorn and we will help you get started.

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