Competitive analysis that give advantage over competitors

Competitive analysis

How are your competitors SEO and where are you in relation to each other in Google’s results lists? With the help of Competitive analysis, you will get a clearer picture of how other companies in the industry work regarding their search engine optimization. Maybe they do something worth imitating?

Why do some customers choose another company instead of yours? What are the future plans of your competitors in the industry? Let us satisfy your curiosity.

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Why TopBorns competitive analysis?

The simplest answer to this question is simply because it works. As long as the information we gather is used in a proper way, it will also be able to strengthen and reform your website’s structure and content so that it becomes more visible in search engines.

Through our competitive analysis, you get a closer insight into the following details:

  • Competitors’ phrases – Which are their main keywords and how are they positioning these?
  • Competitors’ sites – How well are their websites optimized and which are their main strengths and weaknesses?
  • Competitors’ backlinks – What’s their strategy and what’s their quality as well as quantity in the current situation

Finally, we will let you take advantage of our knowledge and how we think your next step in search engine optimization should look. Together we can work towards the goal to adopt a more solid positioning.

Are you visible where the customers are looking?

Do you know if you’re an option when people google for information about your industry and the city you’re operating in? Let us know if your not and we'll help you up on Google's first page with the keywords you want to appear on.


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Let the competition guide you

To ignore the others and look to yourself is a classic Swedish mannerism, but when it comes to internet marketing, it’s the completely wrong attitude. In order to stand strong against the competition, you should also keep track of how they’re working and always be able to stand a step ahead.

“Watch and learn” –  Where are their backlinks (inbound links) coming from? How do they utilize their search phrases and keywords to attract the right traffic to their website? With these answers, it should be much easier to get a better PageRank for yourself.

Let the competition guide you

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