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Free SEO analysis

You get so much more with our free SEO analysis than whats common. We do each and every analysis manually and that’s the biggest difference between us and others. All websites are different and so they require different analyzes. We look at everything from SEO and conversion to the website’s user friendliness and design.

When and how often you appear in Google search results depends largely on how well the search engine can ”see” and read your website. You therefore have great potential to improve and influence your opportunities to be visible by optimizing your on-page content on your website. And we do not only give you a free analysis, if you wish, we make the changes that’s needed to increase you conversion.

Your first step with a unique and personal analysis

Our SEO analysis demonstrates what should be done for the website to become more attractive and relevant both for visitors and for search engines. It can be said that our SEO analysis is divided in two parts.

For search engines, it’s important that the website has the right title for assessing what it’s about. It’s important to have relevant sub-pages and text volume. Images should have an Alt-tag for them to be seen. Meta description, Headline and source code are other things that are extremely important for search engines to see and appreciate the website.

For visitors, it’s rather design, usability and content that’s most relevant. Sharing through social media should be possible and that you have a responsive website contributes to that the visitor sees images, text and other data equally well regardless which screen size they use. In short, it’s the experience that is key here.

For search engines, we will look at:

  • Titel
  • Headline
  • Meta description
  • URL
  • 301 Redirect
  • Relevant sub-pages
  • Text volume and relevance
  • Source code
  • Alt. tag

For visitors we will look at:

  • Design/Layout
  • Mobile adaptation
  • Contact opportunities
  • Geographical presentation
  • Sharing on Social Media
  • Use experience

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What to review during an On-Page Analysis?

The websites’ structure

That the website possesses a good link structure along with content that feel relevant and unique are two crucial factors that search engines such as Google, for example, are able to index and introduce the website in their results.


We will also analyze your websites’ content in order to see that it’s optimized in accordance with the search strategy you have. Then we give you concrete recommendations on how you can ensure that the content possesses the highest relevance.


At this stage, we go through the more technical stage to examine whether it could possibly be something in your coding that impair or even stops your ability to occupy top positions in the search results.

Final summary

When we feel ready and the website has been reviewed, we will return the results to you in a summarized document so that we together can go through our suggestions and work out any issues that arose during the analysis.

We help you from start to finish

Let us at TopBorn help your business reach the front page on Google or get your visitors to convert better than they do today. A good start is to make a free analysis of your website. Once that’s done, we know what needs to be done to begin to climb in the search engine listings. We provide a variety of services that can get your business to increase sales, recognition and take a seat at the right place at the right time. Call us today!

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