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Keyword Analysis

We sort out which keywords are the most profitable for you!

Bringing full profitability from a search optimization is not only about increasing visibility in general, the primary thing is to be seen by the right keywords and phrases. To be visible when your product or service is being sought by a potential customer.

With our keyword analysis, you’ll have the answer to which keywords are likely to be the most profitable for you. Achieving results is a process that takes time, but it’s above all most importan to focus on the right things from the start.

Keyword analysis elements

Step One – Introduction

In the initial stage, we need to get to know you and your business to understand what you do and the products and services you deliver. After that we can start to pick out the most relevant keywords and phrases for you and your clients. The best keywords for your company are those that are as close as possible to the content on your website. Broad keywords could possibly contribute to a more frequent presence, but it’s with narrower keywords that you get more of a chance to appear at the right time and thus increase the chances of converting visitors into paying customers.

Step two – Analysis

The next step for us is to go through the more statistical side, and identify the best keywords for you. An analysis that includes a more detailed examination on the following elements:

  • Your competitor’s keywords
  • How relevant they are to your business
  • Current position
  • Trends and search volume
  • The level of competition for the chosen phrases
  • Converting Capabilities

Step Three – Final Recommendation

Now we have enough information to be able to present the best qualified keywords for you. Together, we’ll review the results of the analysis and make decisions about which keywords we continue to work with.

How’s your position today?

What’s your positioning right now in relation to your competitors? With a good situation analysis and accurate competitive analysis, you get a closer insight into your current situation.

It takes knowledge and skill to know which keywords and phrases are most relevant for high conversion rates.

Keep in touch! We’re only a mere phone call away from sorting out all your questions and concerns. We love search optimization and work daily to simplify and clarify the presence of our costumers online.

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