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Today its common for companies to be aware of the importance of being a part of social media. However, for many, the knowledge about everything they actually can get out of their presence is lacking, leading to that they also miss out on some of its most rewarding features.

To advertise in social media feels fresh and trendy but additionally it’s also highly profitable for aspiring entrepreneurs and it’s one of the most effective advertising opportunities ever seen online.

Let us guide you, to become a winner on social platforms and help you with your advertising so that you can get the full benefits of the participation that you yourself have built up.

Relevant advertising are welcome advertising

Remember that it’s not advertising itself that people have grown tired of, it’s the wrong marketing at the wrong time that creates irritation.

The key to have success with your advertising is to direct it toward the right audience so that the content is relevant to those who take part of the campaign.

One of the biggest advantages that comes from advertising in social media is the accuracy and the ability to precisely target your ads toward the audience you wish to reach. All the necessary information is already available, written by the user and updated routinely. Gender, age, civil status, address, interests and birthday. Information that otherwise might be tricky to collect, but crucial for targeted advertising.


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Advertising on Facebook

Facebook is no longer just the world’s most beloved social networks The development has also helped the platform become one of the most rewarding and effective advertising channel’s we’ve ever seen. The battle is going to take a place in the middle of the user’s news feed, and it requires both knowledge and precision in order to succeed.

With advertising on Facebook you get the greatest possible opportunity to tailor your advertising campaigns and then also reach out to millions of people who in turn can help you spread your message further.

Get started with facebook advertising you too. We will help you along the way!

Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is a platform that’s growing exponentially and as an advertiser you have the opportunity to reach more than 2.5 million Swedes and considerably many more in other countries.

Instagram advertising is still relatively new but gradually takes it’s place as a given part of companies marketing strategies. Here you have opportunities to promote your own posts, publish video notifications and guide your followers as well as other Instagram users to your company’s main website.

Curious to hear more about instagram-annonsering? Keep in touch!

Advertising in a more fun way

Have you been in contact with social media privately? Perhaps you’ve got an account on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? If so, then you also know that it can be fun and effective to get instant feedback on a photo or status update. One of the benefits of advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram is the instant response you can get. It’s both effective and fun.

We can help you!

We help you with everything from basic strategy approach to creating relevant and informative ads ready to be published. Of course we also follow up to ensure that everything works as it should. Please contact us for more information!

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