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Facebook advertising

Are you curious about the positive impact that Facebook advertising could have for you?

Facebook is not only the world’s largest social network, it’s also one of the biggest actors on the advertising market today. There are millions of consumers 24/7 and if you use target adaptation right, you will be able to create strong campaigns that travels straight toward the very group that you particularly want to engage.

With an ad on Facebook you deliver your message effectively and accurately in a context where it is easier for the recipient to absorb the information.

Customize your Facebook ads

The traditional idea that advertising should reach the widest possible audience is passé. Today advertising is characterized by its ability to reach out and catch the right consumers. Quality before quantity.

This is where Facebook deliver. With the help of available audience targeting, you can choose to show your ads for that particular consumer that is most important to reach.

When you create your ads, you have the opportunity to control the ads based on both the target group’s geographical location but also demographic factors, such as interests, age and gender. You can actually even direct marketing based on what users are doing both on and off their time on Facebook.

You choose which audience you want to aim for and how you want to reach them. Do you need advice or a helping hand you can always contact us to us at TopBorn.





Facebook campaigns for all purposes

Facebook campaigns can be exploited in many different ways to achieve the objectives you have with your advertising. To increase traffic to your business website or get more like on your Facebook page are just some of the examples of what can be achieved, for example, like-campaigns, sponsored posts, and digital ads.

What is the purpose with your advertising? By specifying one or more focus points on Facebook, you will be helped to achieve the primary goal.

Budget based on what you think the ad is worth

The price of your Facebook ads are based on an auctioning system in which multiple ads compete for impressions based on results and number of bids. After you put up your ad, you will only be charged for the impressions or clicks your ad receives.

If you follow Facebook’s advice on how much they think you should invest, you can before you get going calculate what it will cost you.

Is advertising on Facebook something for you?

Now that you know what Facebook advertising means, the next step is to test your wings with campaigns that reach all your current and potential customers. If you’re interested, we help you with everything from the production of ads to publishing and monitoring.

Do you need help to get started?

If you want help with strategy, text, photography, video or complete solutions for your Facebook advertising, please contact us. We’ve got the knowledge and resources required to deliver good and stylish ads on Facebook.

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