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Instagram advertising

Instagram which is owned by Facebook is by far the fastest growing social media platform today, and there are no signs that its development and popularity will slow down. With 40% of all Internet users registered, it’s also the second largest social network.

If you have customers on Instagram it should be a given for you to also be there. Please contact us at TopBorn and we will help you to get started with a powerful and inspiring campaign. After several years of professional digital marketing, we know what it takes to create ads that stand out and strengthen a company’s brand.

Get started with advertising on Instagram

To get started with your Instagram advertising, you need:

  • A Facebook page for your company.
  • Business Manager
  • An advertising account so that you can manage your campaigns.
  • Connect Facebook and Instagram

What do you want to achieve with the help of your ads? Is it to drive sales forward or primarily to create a commitment for your business? Just with like any other marketing , you need in the first phase work out an effective strategy to reach your goals through Instagram as a media channel. Use your creativity. The scope for innovation is high on social networks such as these.





Relevant Instagram ads that inspire

On Instagram, the core is photos and video. It creates massive opportunities for companies that choose to advertise on Instagram, but also a certain degree of challenge. It’s important to communicate with your customers in a way that inspires, while adapting your message so that it feels relevant to the specific audience and not found as disturbing.

Make your ads visible for the right customers through geographic or geological conditions such as age, interests, civil status or gender, etc. If you have already used Facebook advertising, you can take advantage of your already saved target adjustments and settings.

Remember that it’s not advertising itself that people have grown tired of, it’s the wrong marketing at the wrong time that creates irritation.

Advertising on Instagram gives measurable results

The key to the have successful ads is the ability to evaluate and analyze your campaigns actual results. When advertising on Instagram, you will be able to identify different measuring points for your campaigns and define how well your ads are performing based on your goals. How far do you reach with your ads? How many clicks do they get and which of them generate the most profits?

Do you need help to get started?

If you want help with strategy, text, photography, video or complete solutions for your Instagram advertising, please contact us at TopBorn. We have the knowledge and resources required for good and stylish ad options on Instagram.

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