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LinkedIn advertising

With multiple ad formats and specific audience approaches you can create ads based entirely on your own needs and purposes. You only pay for demonstrated results through PPC, Pay-per-click or CPM (Cost-per-thousand-impressions).

LinkedIn gives you exemplary conditions to drive your sales, influence your position and strengthen your company’s brand. Not only that the media noise and the competition is smaller on the site compared to other social media, It also tend to be treated as advertising of greater importance and relevance.

Want to know more or get the help of a professional digital marketing agency? We help you to find a place on LinkedIn and guide you right so that your advertising gives you the best results.

Strike home through LinkedIn Ads

In order to get started with your LinkedIn advertising, it takes three things; a LinkedIn account, a clear understanding of your target audience and a post that’s created in the form of a text, a video or a relevant image. Be sure to zero in on what goals you have with your advertising, then your chances of success increase.

An ad’s main value is not characterized by its attractive exterior but it’s accuracy to make it profitable. On LinkedIn, you have the ability to reach your target audience through advertising.

When a user registers on LinkedIn, they enter a lot of information about themselves and that’s information that you in your turn can benefit greatly from. With access to this data, you can target your ads and tailor them entirely based on your preferred audience. Segmenting your ads by gender, age, ability, profession, school, groups or companies so that your preferred customer can take part of your offer.


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Controlled advertising costs on LinkedIn

For your advertising on LinkedIn you have the opportunity to choose between two payment methods. Either you pay for your advertisements based on the number of clicks that each one generates (PPC, Pay per click) or per 1000 impressions (CPM, Cost per thousand impressions). No matter what you choose, you will have maximum control over your budget as well as results.

So there are no fixed costs for campaigns that are published on LinkedIn. You decide how much, or how little you are prepared to spend on ads by placing bids. LinkedIn suggests appropriate bidding intervals based on previously placed competitive bids from advertisers targeting the same audience. Generally, however a higher bid will grant you more impressions and hence a bigger chance for more clicks and impressions.

Do you need help getting started?

If you need a helping hand to get started or want to learn more about how LinkedIn advertising works, please contact us at TopBorn. As a modern marketing agency we have so far helped thousands of customers to more profitable marketing, and we can offer you expert help with everything from creating a LinkedIn account and strategy to further guidance or help with upcoming publishing and monitoring.

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