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Twitter Advertising

Are you about to promote a new product or are you hoping to find a new way to strengthen your brand and its visibility?

With the help of sponsored tweets will you reach out to a larger group of consumers and be able to quickly build up a valuable following.

Make use of Twitter as a supplement to your advertising across other social media and you will effectively increase your marketing reach.

How does Twitter work as an advertising channel?

Marketing through Twitter can appear in a variety of ways based on objective or need.

  • Relevant and content-rich tweets create an engagement with consumers and can be used in order to both reach out to a larger number of users, but also to drive conversions.
  • With conversion campaigns, or so-called “website clicks” you can send people directly to your company’s website where they in turn can, for example, buy your products.
  • Make sure to increase your following and reach out to more people with your brand.
  • By Application installations you can push people to integrate or install your company’s mobile application.
  • Take the opportunity to collect email addresses and leads from different people who have shown an interest in what you offer through your ads or campaigns.


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Aim your ads to your target audience

By targeting your marketing to reflect specific interests, gender, age, geographical existence, etc. you will reach the right audience with greater certainty. To maximize your case and its importance for the receiver, you can in addition choose to control your advertising based on relevant keywords that exist in customers’ tweets.

Be extremely careful and clear when you formulate your “Call-to-Action” in the ads. It’s always important to have a clear description of what you want your customers to do and how, but through Twitter advertising it’s extra crucial because you only have 140 words to deliver your message.

Budget and bids gives you control

Just like when you advertise with Google AdWords or most other social media, it’s paid like a campaign-based advertising system. You choose one of your possible daily budgets and place a bid when describing how much you are willing to pay for each click your ad generates.

For you to get the most out of your ads and feel confident that you are paying a reasonable amount for what you publish, Twitter works constantly to be able to give you as low CPE as possible (cost per Exposure).

Do you need professional help with your marketing?

Twitter is a free for all  microblog where users have the ability to integrate and get themselves heard through short messages consisting of the maximum of 140 characters. For individuals, the network is an opportunity to follow friends and other interesting people, but for businesses it’s a perfect marketing channel.

Twitter could be the perfect place for your advertising. At TopBorn we would be glad to help you in the process and make sure that your ads are designed for the best results. Please contact us to find out more about what we can, what we want and what we will be able to do for your advertising on Twitter.

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