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Of course, we always strive for every customer to be satisfied with what we deliver to them, but also that they should feel satisfied with the choice of us as a web agency. Therefore our ambition is to always be close and be able to help or support if problems or issues arise during the use of our services and products.

Comprehensive support for your safety

Everyone knows how annoying it is to be placed on hold, and then be confronted by a person who doesn’t have the right knowledge to provide answers to your questions. A situation and feeling that can be very frustrating.

This is precisely what we’re trying to avoid when you contact our support. A feeling that we want to spare our customers from.


A service-oriented support

No hosting company can say that their hosting is complete without the availability of an accessible and capable support. Good service for us at TopBorn is characterized by:

  • Good availability and short response time
  • Fast answers that are easy to understand
  • Friendly and respectful treatment
  • Professional expertise
  • Possibility to get advice and solutions for you to help yourself

At TopBorn we’re available through email, telephone and our online support chat.

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    Vi fortsetter med fokus på dine behov og presenterer et nytt nytt utkast.

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