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Are you also looking to get through to your customers faster? Or do you need digital solutions that makes it easier and more efficient within your company?
With the help of a smart and competent produced app, you will from now on be able to keep your customers, staff and business partners really close. That´s the way to build a strong trust, raise a commitment and make a clear statement as the trendy company you are, always ready to go.

We are in the middle of a powerful digital development and it´s time to accelerate to keep up. Topborn is here to make sure that your company has the right digital tools to optimize the presence, both mobile and online, and to make your customers get a better experience witch is all good for business.

Give us a call and we´ll tell you all about how to create a smart and professional app that will help you inform, engage and impress your customers.


Apps from Topborn that informs, engage and attract

As an agency with the total solutions for your web and digital needs, at Topborn we spend all our time to help any kind of companies with the development and improvement of its businesses and their digital use. We work hard to develop fitted solutions for every company that will make their work more efficient and easy. We always keep up with the latest news and progress in web and digital development and thats why mobile services and apps is a given thing in our assortment. Today we offer every company, regardless their line of business, the help they need from the very beginning to a final and implemented product. From your wishes and needs we will present a realistic and clear strategy that sets the project in motion. After the expert software development we take care of the ongoing custom management of your new apps.

Every company will benefit from a professionally developed and adapted app and we at Topborn, will help you produce an app that makes a difference. With creativity, knowledge and a market awareness we create solutions from unique needs that will build up and reinforce a brand as well as increase more frequent buyers or an easier every day life.

Would you, as well as, other forward moving businesses, like to se what an app could do for your company? Call us.


Mobile applications

What kind of mobile phone do you use or would you rather use today? Smartphones has definitely taken our world in its grip and its popularity is mostly because of the millions of apps out there to be downloaded and used for different purposes. To many companies the development of apps is still unfamiliar ground and far from a natural step, but the ones who has caught on to the trend and has decided to go for it have had more benefits and a better use. An app will, in average, increase a company income with 37% and the ones that are currently using unique apps within the company will lower its workload and make the tasks more efficient.

A smart app will make a difference

  • An app will make it possible to keep your customers or business partners up to date with the latest offers or important business development.
  • With a professional application you will build loyalty from your customers and then they are more likely to buy from your company than your competitor.
  • Trough an app everyone will be able to get what they want, such as coupons and information but also your contact information and how to get in touch with you.
  • This is marketing at its best. You will present your progressive company as the smart, neat and trendy business that you are.

We create value trough a mobile presence

When you feel ready to make your productivity more efficient and move forward to the next level, contact us. We will help you with a functional mobile strategy and put the app to work. Adapted, smart och cost effective.

When the first apps showed up they were dismissed as a temporary fling, but as it turned out, they are here to stay. At Topborn we have gathered all the competence and creativity it takes to create profitability, both mobile and digital, for your company as well as your customers. We know web, we understand design, we know how to create sharp messages that reaches trough to your customers and we have the right commitment to help you succeed.

Call us today and we will tell you how we can, and will, increase value for your company by making the digital components work better and smarter.


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