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Business page on Facebook

Did you know that over 1 billion people are available on Facebook, and that half of all Internet users are active there every day? Today it’s not just smart to have a business page on Facebook, it’s more or less a must have for many industries.

Create accurate ads, contests, communicate with your consumers and share what’s happening in your company and the industry. Properly managed, your activity will create a sense of community and help you to strengthen your brand.

Facebook offers new advertising opportunities

Facebook is no longer just the world’s most beloved social network. The development has also made the platform one of the most rewarding and effective channel’s for advertising ever seen. The battle to claim a place in the middle of the user’s news feed is fierce, it requires both knowledge and precision in order to succeed.

With advertising on Facebook you get the greatest possible opportunity to tailor your advertising campaigns, and also the possibility to reach out to millions of people who in turn can help you spread your message further.

Get started with Facebook advertising you too. We will help you along the way!

Video ads

Click the image below for a fitting example of a video for social media.


Benefits for companies on Facebook

Facebook creates new opportunities

The real question isn’t what Facebook can do for you, but rather how well you can take care of all the possibilities the platform delivers. The benefits of Facebook can be as many as your creativity allows.

Arrange competitions and campaigns

You have probably encountered companies on Facebook that organize competitions where you can win their products or services. All you have to do is to like and share the post with your friends. A user has an average of 140 friends, so imagine how quickly and efficiently you can create buzz about your brand.

Target audience advertising

Thanks to all the information that users themselves share, you have what it takes to create very accurate marketing. Everything is there. Interests, where they live, where they work and geological factors, including age and gender. You can even take advantage of what they do both on and off Facebook by studying what they like, post they share and places they check in to.

Invite yourselves

Social media creates the perfect opportunity to show off a more fun side of your company. Although the primary objective for your business page is marketing, you should also be sure to offer more light-hearted and personal posts. Let your followers join you behind the scenes to meet you, your employees and see what your day to day work can look like.

An active way to a stronger brand

Facebook is a very favorable platform for companies that want to strengthen their brand’s importance and give their audience a positive, outgoing image of their business. With a clear objective, dedication and a well developed strategic plan for your Facebook presence, you will be able to influence your position among consumers, other companies as well as in society as a whole.

Do you find it hard to get started, have problems with the technical parts or any other questions?

Please contact us at TopBorn and we will help you get started with a strong Facebook page, and give you the tools you need to continue to take advantage of all of Facebook’s advantages.

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