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Business page on Instagram

With a business page on Instagram you not only create effective marketing, it’s fun too!

Instagram is now the second largest social network, it’s also the one which expands fastest of them all. For an individual, this means great opportunities to stay connected with their friends and acquaintances, but for businesses it’s a big opportunity for effective marketing.

With a corporate account on Instagram, you can place yourself in the middle of the pack of potential customers.

Publish photos on Instagram with care

Instagram is a social network that was launched for users to easily and quickly be able to share images and movie clips.

For your business, this is an opportunity to be creative, but it’s also important that the images you choose to publish are carefully selected, they should be of high quality and with a useful content. The pictures should be of value and with information that’s easy to take in, without interfering with the private flow.

For maximum profitability, all of your pictures and videos should be accompanied by some form of ”call-to-action”. It could for example be for the user to purchase the specific product that you just showed, or for them to contact you to learn more about the film they have just seen.

A running project

Click the image below for a fitting example of a video for social media.


More followers – more commitment

All of your followers will automatically be allowed to take part of your published photos and videos through their flow. This means that the larger following you have, the more exposure you will get.

Here are some suggestions on how you could get more people to follow you on Instagram:

Link Instagram with Facebook – The moment your business pages are linked, all the pictures you put up on your Instagram can also appear on Facebook.

Follow interesting users – Search for people on Instagram that could be relevant to your company or age target group and follow them. You’ll take part of their publications, and hopefully they will in turn follow you back.

Hashtags # – Put a hashtag in front of one or more of the words in the caption and the picture will be categorized with additional photos from other users who used the same hashtag. In this way, you can both make the purpose of the image clearer but also help more people to find it.

Get involved – Communicate with other Instagram users by liking and commenting on their photos.

Benefits for companies on Instagram

It’s clear that more and more companies choose to create a profile on Instagram and test the network’s various options. This is a perfect portal for companies who want to create a positive impression of their brand and demonstrate their business in a more light-hearted and engaging perspective.

Invite your followers to your everyday life and mix business with pleasure. By communicating and keeping an open dialogue, you will also be able to establish contact with relevant users who one day may become your new customers, or perhaps even business partners.

If you want help or if you have any questions, we will gladly help you. Contact us, and we’ll help you with a profitable presence for your company on Instagram.

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