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Business page on Twitter

Twitter is one of the world’s most powerful social networks and has infinite amounts of active users. This creates huge opportunities for you as a company. The platform gives you a chance to maintain a lighthearted dialogue with your current customers and opens up the opportunity to build new relationships.

Through a corporate account on Twitter, it’s easy to stay close to your customers. Close relationships leads to a stronger customer loyalty and increased sales.

Strengthen your customer relations with activity on Twitter

One of the biggest advantages of Twitter is the priceless ability to maintain and build relationships. It’s a perfect system to communicate through, and make it possible for users to follow your operations and give feedback on the offers or information that you are presenting. Thus creating not only good communication but also valuable commitment and interest.

Use Twitter and create a natural communication with your customers. At TopBorn we would be happy to help you get started and deliver the tools you need to also be able to maintain and manage your growing Twitter presence.

A running project

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Create a Twitter Account

Twitter was created in 2006 and works like an SMS function for users over the Internet. At first they built the service primarily for the benefit of private persons but today companies use it more and more. Twitter has now become an increasingly important part of corporate marketing and communications. With the help of short “tweets” of a maximum of 140 characters, you can share your thoughts or info about what’s happening in your company and take part of other relevant users updates.

It’s not very difficult or time-consuming to create a Twitter account. The key to success is like with all digital presence, that it’s done in the right order and on the basis of a clear and well thought-out strategy. Describe what you want to achieve and which audience you primarily want to target.

Be careful when you formulate your biography on the profile. With only 160 words, you should try to describe your company’s valuation and purpose while creating a commitment. Try to use short and concentrated sentences and add a few carefully chosen keywords so that you easily get found by relevant customers.

Why should you be on Twitter?

Social media takes an ever firmer grip on our society and for companies it becomes increasingly important to be there with an active presence. Not just to be close to their current and potential customers, but also because search engines such as Google appreciates any kind of activity.

At TopBorn we’re happy to help you get started with Twitter. Together, we develop a strategy based on your specific goals and creates a business page that hopefully will generate great benefit and strengthen your company’s brand.

Get in touch, tell us about your requirements and we will take it from there.

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