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Business page on YouTube

The search for new effective marketing channels continues and social media has become one of the hottest topics among progressive and growing companies. With a business page on YouTube, you can say so much more in much less time.

Let customers get acquainted with your products and services or invite them to get to know you a little better with the help of short and effective videos. Moving pictures attract a much higher percentage of people than words, so take advantage of more of the customer’s senses to create an interest.

If you want help with setting up a business page adapted to your graphic profile and get the best possible start to your new marketing campaign? Keep in touch!

YouTube – The location that combines business with pleasure

You have surely already been in contact with YouTube in one way or another. Seen spectacular movie clips, music videos, or been helped by video-based instructions. Have you ever thought of it as a the platform that could work just as well for you as a marketing channel?

To succeed with your YouTube channel:

  • Make sure your profile is both attractive and alluring.
  • Have a thoughtful approach to all activity through the channel.
  • Update frequently so you get significantly more visitors, but above all subscribers.
  • Get followers.

A running project

Click the image below for a fitting example of a video for social media.


The benefits of YouTube for businesses

Creativity & Strategy

Use your YouTube channel in a creative and strategic way, and the benefits will be huge. Be considerate with what you post and follow your company’s graphic profile, you will not only be seen but also heard by the old and new customers.

Worthwhile product exposure

With a video presentation of your products, you give the customer a chance to see the product live from different angles and perspectives. In a well-organized product video, you can show much more and give customers a chance to really understand the actual benefits and why they need to have at least one personal copy.

Showcase your services

You can say a lot with a written presentation, but a video says so much more. Publish movies where you present yourself, your offices or sequences from your actual job. Invite your customers to come closer and create personal relationships that both builds trust but also increases your invaluable customer loyalty.

Advertise more

It’s no coincidence that television commercials always been so sought after. It’s proven that videos capture the customers interest more than any produced text ad at any time. By advertising through YouTube you make campaigns more clear and also easier for the client to absorb.

Get started with YouTube – Let us help you!

Are you short on time or do you need help in designing the most effective solution for your company’s existence on YouTube. At TopBorn, digital marketing has always been our main focus, and we will of course help you to find the right path. We’re also available for help with publications or guidance going forward.

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