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The opportunity to sell and buy goods over the Internet has led to a great development of a thriving commercial sector and the future looks bright to say the least. We help you with a customized start-up based on your business, your products and the main target.

Please contact us at TopBorn and tell us what you dream of and what we can do to give you the start you need.


When we build and develop our customers’ web shops we use the e-commerce platform WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a plug-in for WordPress that has grown exponentially since 2011 when it was first marketed, as a result of its full benefits. It’s flexible, cost-effective, tailored to everyone’s possible needs, well performing, stable while it also provides a variety of necessary functions.


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A helping hand to you with greater vision

Can you afford to overlook these opportunities? For our customers, we build functional and professional looking web shops either based on their current website or an external newly built shop precisely for its purpose. We assist you from the start with everything from suggestions of designing, support and education of functions so that you’ll be able to operate and take care of your new asset.

For an e-commerce to bring success to your company and take the lucrative place as it’s supposed to, it basically takes two things:

  1. To technically be able to build a practical and workable web shop.
  2. To have knowledge about how an e-commerce is conducted.

You get neither of these for free, it require both knowledge and a lot of experience that you can’t disregard. Our skilled production team possesses both, and now we want to pass it on to you too.

Trade in time

To conduct e-commerce and offer your customers the possibility to buy products and services while at home could be a fantastic source of income for you. It’s an activity that is growing rapidly and that predicts a very different future than for the physical stores. Experts predict that within the next two years, online sales will account for at least 20% of all trade around the world.

Get started you too! With our help you get the kick start you need and continued support to maintain high quality.

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    Together we analyze how your situation looks today regarding your current solution.

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    We then go on to focus on your needs and presents you with a new approach.

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