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Your website is your shop window and usually the first contact customers’ have with your company. What do they see? How’s their first impression and do they find what they’re looking for?

With an in-depth, free analysis of your website you will have access to a visual summary of how well the visitors and the website interact and what could be done better, both in terms of the site’s quality, user experience and from an SEO perspective.

Please contact us, and find out how you could increase your profitability and improve your virtual presence.

How can we create profitability and functionality for you

The moment you say yes to an analysis of your website you also say yes to a neater, more efficient and profitable website. In order to be involved in making the Internet more beautiful, we always offer these analyses without any additional cost. Secondly, we want to give our customers the chance to improve, but it also provides us with a clear and solid foundation for our continued cooperation.

The key to success

For a website to be able to reach its full capacity it requires it to be optimal in all aspects. It’s not enough to just have a well-designed and stylish website. Every aspect will be linked together, and your content should make a clear picture of what you’re trying to convey. Your website doesn’t fulfill its purpose if visitors have a hard time to find you, or if they’re unconvinced that you can deliver what they’re looking for. With a comprehensive analysis we can find out what should and could be done to your website in order to make it more successful and to give it a more powerful position.

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Information and knowledge – a solid foundation for good decisions

When we’re entrusted to carry out an analysis of any of our customers sites, our review will be very thoroughly done. We look at how the customers’ experience is by examining its ease of use and design, and then we dive into the depths to check the technical parts. A good website should feel logical and have relevant content tailored for the target audience and design that represents the company. Is this something your website deliver today?

Please contact us with an inquiry, and our analysis team will get back to you within the next 24 hours.

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