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System Development

Does your IT system work for you, or could it be that you work for the system? We live in a world where IT companies and organizations often have a need for systems and functions that facilitate or solve unique business requirements.

At TopBorn we help companies to develop customized system solutions that cover the functions that your current system can’t handle. We develop everything from interfaces with the purpose of visualizing statistics, integration and modules to brand new systems that we create from scratch, based on your wishes and demands.

We’ve got developers in place to be able to both deliver systems and websites that increase your businesses productivity while we’re also able to offer good service.

System development – an important part of your company’s IT

Computer systems is something that’s found in virtually all areas of society today. Firstly, they’re used to streamline your operations but also to pass on information, with greater reach and availability. Sometimes you come across something that can’t be solved by your standard system. That’s when you turn to a professional software developer.

Some examples of system development assignments that could strengthen a company’s business value:

  • Advanced e-commerce solutions with unique discounts and prices for specific customers.
  • Integration with card payment solutions.
  • Invoicing modules.
  • Booking system.
  • Web-based product configurations that are adapted to be used both from computers, tablets and smartphones.


From requirement to finished product

At TopBorn we can help you to create digital products that will help your business forward. We take care of your requirements and transforms them into finished products.

  • Requirement analysis – What do you need and what would you like to get out of your system? We always begin our work by analyzing, reviewing and sketching out a first idea.
  • Programming – Now it’s time to encode and let the server functions, interfaces and web services take shape.
  • Integration – In general, all IT systems are scattered in different locations, but with the help of professional integration, we will help the systems to talk to each other in harmony.
  • Management and safety – now we put the system into operation. Obviously we’ll always be close for back-up and support.

We tailor systems and applications for both large and small businesses and ensures that they can collaborate and work together.

Do you need the help of knowledgeable developer?

Do you need access to sustainable and innovative IT systems for the web or your mobile solutions?

On TopBorn we develop customized business IT system that streamlines the company’s daily operations and strengthens its overall business benefits.

By mixing extensive knowledge and experience with technical responsiveness, business understanding and creativity, we get user-friendly systems that fills our customer’s requirements. With skilled handling of system integrations, we integrate the systems where they provide maximum efficiency and business value.

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