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Text Care

Unique and relevant texts lay the foundation for successful meetings both with your visitors as well as with the major search engines’ indexing spiders.

If you feel less sharp with words and language, let us at TopBorn formulate your case and catch your customers’ interest for you.

Please contact us so that we can make sure that your website will be provided with accurate and worthwhile texts of the highest standard.

Texts that sells

A good text is characterized by its professional character and that it obviously also effectively conveys the information being sought, there and then. It’s also important for texts that want to do any difference on digital platforms to be adapted for them. This is the way to create opportunities with text.

As the owner of a website you obviously want your current and potential customers to be able to see and get the information that you put out for them to find. You don’t only want them to see what it says, they should also be able to process it and be convinced to buy the service or product that’s on offer. It would be a big problem for you if you’ve got texts that repels visitors because they don’t understand or bother to read down to the last row.

Web users have different requirements

Technically, it would be easy for anyone to “enter” a completely normal standard text on their website but in terms of the long run, it’s an idea that rarely gives any desired results. You’ve got completely different habit patterns and requirements online than in the physical world. Online, users skim through the texts and read only the things that stands out. With an online audience you rarely get patience and time.

Are you visible where the customers are looking?

Do you know if you’re an option when people google for information about your industry and the city you’re operating in? Let us know if your not and we'll help you up on Google's first page with the keywords you want to appear on.


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The importance of text care

When we talk about text care, we use it as a generic for descriptive text processing, text editing and advice such as proofreading. Texts written with care which are carefully formulated is easier to get through and create greater confidence. A text that is sloppily written will undoubtedly lose you potential customers. Sentences that include typos, which are not grammatically correct, or do not feel focused create irritation. An irritation that eventually will lead to failure and economic losses for your company.

Save time and money by asking for help. We edit your old ones or write new texts to your websites and other digital platforms. You don’t need to have any texts ready for us to work on. We take responsibility and make sure that the material you publish is professional and trustworthy.

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