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What does your customers see when they visit your website today, and how long does it take them to find what they were looking for?

If you’ve managed to get visitors to your website you also need to take good care of them while they’re there. A ”bad” website that doesn’t create interest will get you fewer visitors, and those who do visit will probably leave without doing any good, either for themselves or for you.

Good web design is partly about creating a neat and attractive exterior but it’s also about the function and content.

Here at TopBorn we create websites with expertise. We’ve got the knowledge and experience that will help us create websites that achieve their purpose, while also attracts by a stylish, fashionable and attractive exterior.

Good web design is judged in a few seconds

What do you think about when you visit a website for the first time?

The first meeting is critical. You have about 5 seconds before the visitor has decided whether it’s worth staying on your site or if they turn and heads out the way they came in. In just these few seconds, the graphic design needs to convey the sites’s purpose, attract and create an interest that keeps the visitor focused to do what they came there to do.

Graphic design is all about neat, attractive and functional ways to create a graphic expression that reflects your company but also clearly emphasize its essential purpose. No customer will stay on your site if it’s dull, unthinking, awkward or downright unprofessional.

User-friendly web design

The big mistake that many companies commit is that they adapt their website to their businesses general structure instead of focusing on the visitors and search engines. The key to good web design is located from the search engines’ and visitors’ perspective.

  • Simple and stylish – Nothing unnecessary should be included. It should be kept relevant and stylish. Minimalism is a useful watchword.
  • Logic – The websites’ structure should feel logical to those who visit, while it also should be easy to understand where to look and how to perform the action they were thinking about in the first place.
  • Easy to use navigation – It shouldn’t be confusing or difficult to move around on the site. Clear menus and links should be placed in a way where they’re expected to be.
  • Adapted for your target audience – Different customers have different needs. Partly as they’re attracted to different types of layout, but they’re also looking for different types of information, or experiences.
  • Relevant content – If you want to provide the visitors’ with what they’re looking for and at the same time increase your visibility on Google or other search engines, the site’s text and content is extremely important.
  • SEO-friendly structure – The website should be built in such a way so that search engines appreciate what they ”see”. This applies to both code and content.

TopBorns web design

When we create web designs at TopBorn, we always start by putting up a viable strategy for optimal navigation, conversion and search results. We map the site’s goals, purposes, structure, target group and conversion opportunities to be able to provide an appropriate solution for our customers in a stylish and trendy way.

We have helped thousands of companies to a more profitable presence online. Want to hear more about what we can do for you? Don’t hesitate! Please contact us and tell us what you would want out of your website.

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