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WordPress is the most popular and modern content management system (CMS) used today and which has quickly developed and grown since 2003 when it was founded. The main focus has been on web standards, appearance and ease of use, which have taken WordPress from a basic idea to the most optimal tool to use, both for companies and individuals that have a virtual presence via website, blog or a mobile app. at TopBorn we see the benefits and are definitely not alone in valuing its functions. 6/10 of the most popular websites today do the same. No wonder then that it’s the most powerful, flexible and user-friendly CMS you can get.

Expandable and flexible

Websites created and shaped with WordPress has enormous expansion opportunities and is also very flexible in relation to their content, design and functionality. Only by shifting or modifying the theme that’s selected, the website will be able to get the facelift or change that’s required. Just as easily, you can add features or manage content, all without changing the sites’ appearance or overall functionality.


Open Source

WordPress is a CMS with a so-called open source code. Many of those who develop systems or programs like this decide to take a fee for others to use it. The founders of WordPress chose after all, to put it up as an open system and make it possible for everyone online to be involved in developing it further. The result is what we see today. A platform with more than 2,000 different topics and 29,000 plugins ready to use.

So that thousands of people worldwide can participate and contribute to the development instead of only a team of 4-5 people. Every day there are many new features and capabilities covering up for everyone’s needs and desires that are launched. There’s a whole plethora of themes, plug-ins and extensions for us to work with, during our search for magnificent and personal pages based on our customers’ wishes and dreams.

WordPress continues to develop

However, it’s not just WordPress’ current position that makes it an interesting subject for our production managers, but also how the system continues its constant development and that our opportunities in addition also increases. The development of the platform is constantly in a refinement process and several projects are constantly on the move.

With WordPress as your CMS you get:

  • A site with potential to grow
  • A quick and user-friendly solution
  • Professional SEO
  • Good products at a good price
  • Fantastic Web shop

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