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A business email is useful and beneficial for all businesses, large or small. On TopBorn we offer our customers the opportunity to make use of their own personal business mail in which the company own domains sync together with the e-mail address.

The benefits of having an e-mail address for your company are numerous. Not only will it strengthen your brand’s professional image, the address is also easier to remember and easier to identify.

Let us know and we will create a professional and custom e-mail for your company today!

Get your email wherever you are

It’s not always that you have access to your computer and for many it’s a problem when they frequently need to check their latest email. In order to not miss out on something important, it’s required that you can access your email wherever you are, whenever you want to.

With e-mail in your mobile phone or tablet, you will be able to be reached wherever you are completely independent of time. We help you to sync your devices so that you can use your mail in all situations, wherever you are, 24/7.





We will find solutions to suit your business

All businesses are built in different ways, have different number of employees, and completely different needs for what’s required of a system or function, to make full use of them. We understand that and therefore we can help you to develop other suitable solutions, in case our e-mail service won’t be enough. An alternative example, could be that we’ll help you register a business email through Google Apps, and their mail service.

Contact us and tell us how your company is structured and what you would want to get out of your e-mail function. From there, we help you to develop a solution that best serves your purpose.

Having problems?

Sometimes problems and questions may arise about your email’s features and capabilities.

At TopBorn we’re of course always available when problems are developing or questions need to be answered. With knowledgeable support we guide you so that you as soon as possible can get on with your email use.

Please contact us for more information about us, our business email and how we can help your company with municipal action both within and outside the company walls.

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