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HTTPS and Security

Internet users today expect the sites they visit to be safe and that their presence there doesn’t involve any major risks. They expect, for example, that the connection is protected from manipulation and interception, but also that no third party could in any way access their personal data. An expectation that is fully understandable.

At TopBorn, we always want to offer the very best to our customers. We also want you to be able to do the same for yours. Therefore, when you choose us as suppliers, you make a safe choice for both you and your customers. We know what’s needed!

What is HTTPS?

HTTPS, Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure, is a form of communication protocol created for the Internet in order to protect the users. It’s a technique that ensures that all data and information delivered between a webpage server and a user’s browser is encrypted so that no third party can read it or access it in any way for its own gain.

A protection that’s divided into three layers:

  • Encryption: In order for no one to access the conversations that are submitted to the site or the data being processed. After the encryption, you can not access any of the users’ information or track existing activities.
  • Data Security: No data will be corrupted or reformed during the transfer process without it being detected in time to be able to be interrupted.
  • Authentication: As a user, you can be sure that it’s the correct website to communicate with.





HTTPS – A positive security for all parties

First and foremost, it has been common to encrypt the connection when extra sensitive information are transfered, for example at the checkout of an online store, but now it’s more common to encrypt everything. If a webpage uses encryption or not, you can easily see just by checking the address bar. If it says https:// instead of just http:// it means the connection is secure. Many also choose to clarify their security measures by adding a green selection before printing the address.

Security that Google and users value

As a company, you always make sure that one’s customers can feel safe, no matter what kind of business you run. Perhaps it feels even more important for the ones who has a webshop, but nowadays, it’s even important for the person who invests in SEO and good Google placements. In addition to the fact that your visitors value the security it provides, Google has also announced that they will continue to focus on encrypted sites in their rankings. All in order to actively participate in the pursuit of safer Internet and a balanced web where threats and problems do not appear as frequent.

TopBorn – A safer step for your web

If you want to increase the security for you and your users, don’t hesitate to contact us at TopBorn and let us migrate your site from HTTP to HTTPS. Also, be sure to ask more about our other web and communication services so that we can make your digital presence even better.

As an experienced digital wholesaler, we can assume responsibility for both web and marketing. With complete solutions that work, communication that reaches your target group and attractive design applied properly, we help businesses who wants to grow and be better than they are today. Does your website need a bigger change, beyond the increased security or do you have other shortcomings in your digital work? Contact us and we’ll help you sort it out.

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