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An updated website creates confidence in you and benefit for your customers.

You shouldn’t underestimate how quickly a visitor of your site makes their perception of who you are. By updating your website frequently, you can give them a positive image to indicate that you are efficient and organized, but most of all that you are active and like to communicate with your customers.

With regular and consistent updates on your website, you create a more professional impression of the company as a whole, while you also increase the potential for new customers.

At TopBorn we help you and make sure that your website stays current and updated with new relevant material.

Reasons for a website to be updated frequently

Beyond the fact that continuous updates of your website creates a better and more trustworthy picture, there are more reason to continue to refresh and update the site.

First and foremost, your updates will give visitors a reason to return to the page where they know they will always be greeted by something new, important or profitable for them. In addition, it also strengthens the confidence in you, because you always guarantee new and relevant information.

Another reason that you absolutely must not forget or see past is the ability to end higher up in the search engines’ organic results. Google and other search engines value frequent updates and therefore presents these pages with higher placements. Their main task is, after all, to deliver relevant results for those who are looking.




Updates of value

With the right updates, you will drive your visitors to return to your website, again and again.

  • News – It’s guaranteed that ether are lots of curious people out there who gladly will take note of your new colleagues, new products, upcoming events or ideas.
  • Offers – Focus on offers. Consumers love to find bargains or shop when they feel they are making a good deal. Good and recurring offers will definitely attract visitors back again and again and convert them in to loyal customers.
  • Tips and Guides – Share your knowledge by giving good advice on how to use your services / products.

TopBorn keeps your website updated

At TopBorn we take care of our customers and are committed to make their sites the best they can be.

If you don’t have the opportunity or time to refresh your page on your own, you can let us at TopBorn do it for you. We help you publish new text materials or pictures, either you supply us with existing material or we can produce it for you.

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