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Google Ads

Google Ads gives you the opportunity to be visible on Google, in addition to the organic results an accurate search engine optimization provides. With self-designed ads directed at specific search results, you get a chance to catch the attention of potential customers and get them to visit your website.

Make sure that you’re an option. Please contact us at TopBorn, we’ll help you develop the most profitable ads and make sure to improve your current advertising.


Why give Google Ads a chance?

- In order to reach more customers
- To be seen at the right time 
- Advertising locally and/or globally through Google Ads has been shown to produce high-impact

Fast, easy, flexible

This is a sort of marketing as you want it to be. You’ll be able to be seen no matter where on earth the potential customers are and with that particular campaign you wish for. It’s also at any time possible to stop, pause, restart or reform your ads without being charged any extra fees’.

Another advantage is the possibility to keep track of your results with fast, simple and reliable means. Throughout the campaign you’ll be able to measure the number of clicks and the number of clicks that generates profit for you.

You only pay for your results

The payment arrangement for Google Ads is easy; no visits, no charge. You only pay for the ads when they’re used and you have total control over how much you’re willing to invest. Your budget is also adjustable at any time.

Are you visible where the customers are looking?

Do you know if you’re an option when people google for information about your industry and the city you’re operating in? Let us know if your not and we'll help you up on Google's first page with the keywords you want to appear on.


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Getting Started with Google Ads

Anyone can start off their campaign but the smartest thing to do is to enlist the help of someone who is more knowledgeable in SEM or SEO. The success of the advertisement is controlled by a number of different factors, in combination with the click trough rate, the ad’s bid and quality. For successful results one should also see and understand how Google works.

The first information we gather from our customers is of course where the ad should show, for whom it’s intended and which product or service they want to promote. Google will show your add when consumers are using the Keywords we’ve chosen while searching and send them straight to your website when they click the ad.

Sound interesting? At TopBorn we can help you. 

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