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A company logo should be vivid, unique and distinctive to operate as intended; relatable and memorable.

Do you feel proud of the logo that represents you and your company today? Is it beneficial as a spokesperson for your business and your services and products? Your answer is yes… congratulations. Otherwise, it’s about time you contact us and create a symbol worthy to represent you.

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Logo, sign, trademark or corporate brand – a dear child has many names

For every business, whether it’s old or new, the logo is hugely important. An important and inevitable element of the graphic identity and the strongest sign you have outward. A stylish, well-planned and suitable logotype build up a consistent and professional image of your company while also laying the foundation for a strong and established position in your industry.

Before the work and the development of a new logotype is started, you should first learn to understand how the new logo could be of importance to your business. That it not only will be a scrolling icon but also become a part of you, your soul. Regardless of the situation or context it appears in it will always represent you, 24/7.



Good or bad signs makes a difference

The main distinction between better or worse logos are often their quality. In most cases, the quality can actually be so important that it even make the difference between disaster and success, and therefore it’s also important that you do not scurry through the process without taking the necessary time to understand what’s required.

Within the industry, we mainly talk about five basic guidelines that leads to what may be the perfect logo.

The work of a designer

When we get the pleasure and the confidence to develop a logotype for one of our customers, or improve the one they already have, we begin our entire process of gathering the necessary information required to get a picture of the business. Then we’ll go on to obtain information about the company from other sources that can supplement what we already know. The third step consists of preparation of sketches which we then can provide to the customer. When everyone involved feel happy the ultimate final copy is presented, a proof, an original.

What is a logotype

More specifically, it’s the company name and identity graphically presented in a selected font and usually with one or more symbols included. The symbol and typeface adapted to the logo should give a clear and positive picture of your business. The aim is to make it as easy as possible for outsiders to recognize and to put the company name in their memory.

  • A logotype should be possible to describe.
  • It should simply be remembered.
  • The logo should be as good in black and grey as when printed with color.
  • Any size should be functional.
  • It should also be relevant to the company and industry.

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