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Packaging Design

With a sharp packaging design, you will be the obvious choice instead of your competitors.

How many times have you not said no to a product just because the packaging feels boring or that it failed to convey the value of the product?

Through a well-designed package, you will not only increase overall product sales, but also create a positive feeling that benefit your company’s reputation.

Packaging design – an essential part of your brand

Packaging design is so much more than to just create a neat and protective exterior. Alyough the primary objective is to increase product sales, the design will also be important for your overall production process, your brand and your economic outlook.

What does your products convey today? Whichever way you look at it, it’s the products that makes a company, and the feeling you create will also affect the entirety of your brand.

Out if ideas? At TopBorn we have plenty of creative people, and with expertise in form and marketing we can help you develop an appropriate packaging design.



A packaging design should create value

On many occasions, the only guidance we have when facing a purchase decision is the products packaging. We read, examine, interpret and judge to decide whether it’s a product that suits us or if we should look for another brand or version.

To be successful with packaging design you need take your customers specific needs and behaviors in to account. By getting to know your target audience, you will be able to create packaging that attracts and appeals. It should not only be attractive for your customer’s eyes, it should deliver the most important information about the use and benefits of the product, but also other information such as recyclability and weight.

We leave nothing to chance

At TopBorn we take all aspects into account to create packaging designs that meets all possible requirements for best results.

  • Design by function
  • Attractive design
  • Easy handling
  • Positive feelings
  • Favorable brand presentation

Do you need help to shape the packaging to be as optimal as possible for you customers? Let us at TopBorn be a part of the process. Through a big sense of design and years of marketing experience, we will help you create packaging that gives you brand value and benefits your customers.

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