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Dedication, generosity and open minds. If you want to get the maximum out of your business account on LinkedIn, stay active and share your knowledge. With sharpened updates and smart business activity, you will be able to strengthen your brand, nurture your relationships and get a clearer insight into your competitors’ business.

Scores of companies has already found a home on LinkedIn, and been able to take advantage of  all golden opportunities. Haven’t you taken the step to become one of them, please contact us at TopBorn. We will help you to get started with an accessible, searchable and attractive profile. We also ensure that you get the knowledge and tools necessary for continued profitable networking.

Attendance strengthens your brand

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world with over 400 million active users. Here you have the chance to create more commitment than by any other media channel and communicate with old and new customers.

Make sure that there’s constant talk about your brand by being active. By participating in LinkedIn groups who are showing interest in your company, your industry, or that somehow feels relevant to your industry and you will be able to actively participate in the talks and create a stronger brand awareness. Show your expertise, be committed and control the dialogue in the direction you want.

Also, make sure that your content directory is filled up to the brim with useful facts, like custom web surveys and opinion articles to supplement the discussion about you.

A running project

Click the image below for a fitting example of a video for social media.


Align sponsored posts on your target audience

Have you got something important you wish to share on LinkedIn, but fear that your status update will disappear in the crowd of other updates? By paying for your update, you will not only be more visible but also appear for many more users. You decide the budget for your sponsored posts on the basis of how much you are willing to invest to reach, and then you pay based on either clicks or number of impressions. In addition to the option sponsored posts, there’s also the possibility that through the LinkedIn Ad tool create both image and text ads. With thoughtful audience targeting, you will be able to assure that your message is directed at the right people where it does the most good.

LinkedIn provides statistics and monitoring

The basis for the success of your presence is like for all marketing, the ability to monitor and improve your use on the basis of actual results.

With just one click you will gain access to all important data and figures that describe how it goes for you, and how profitable your presence is at the moment. How good are your updates? How many visits do you have on your page and how do they primarily get there?

By following your stats, you will be able to learn more about how you present yourself and what’s most appreciated, and by whom.

We help you with LinkedIn!

At TopBorn we help customers with their digital marketing and know what it takes to create effective and descriptive messages. We can help you with everything from a basic marketing strategy to guide you through LinkedIn’s features. Contact us, we will put you on the right track today.

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