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Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization is a fundamental process for all entrepreneurs who want to expand their customer network and create greater profitability.

Please contact us so that we can make sure that more of your visitors becomes paying, loyal customers.

Have you ever thought about what visitors of your site do when they’re there and what it was that prompted them to be there from the start? If not then it’s time to do it now, we will gladly help you along the way. Let us help you to convert more visitors into paying and loyal customers.

The work of conversion optimization

The work that goes into conversion optimization is first and foremost focused on locating the most optimal conversion rates of the site in favor of an increase in future customer flow. It’s work that will be continuously monitored and that will increase your revenue in the long run. By measuring conversion rates, you take giant leaps in the right direction towards creating a website that is both more efficient but also more profitable.

For this task, we use web analytics, A/B testing and analyses the existing user experience. The basic goal is that we will learn more about visitors’ habits and build an understanding of which information is most relevant and useful, for example, for the relaunch of the service or product. It’s these skills that we put to use when we map out how visitors’ are converted into paying customers.



Conversion rate?

Simply described, a conversion rate is a measure of the number of visitors who then are converted to perform the action that you want and invite them to do via your website. It can either be about how many people leave their contact details, how many people ask to take part of the monthly newsletter, contact you or purchase the offered goods. The rate is calculated by dividing the number of converts to the number of visitors. Then the results are presented by a percentage figure. What number is good or not varies from case to case. However, what we know with absolute certainty is that one can always improve conversion rates by offering faster solutions or be even clearer with the offers that you have uploaded.

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At TopBorn we have worked with conversion optimization for a long time and has helped countless of companies to enhance their customer flow and increase their profitability. Are you curious about what we could help you and your website with? Don’t hesitate, contact us today.

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