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Mobile adaptation

The technology is developing at a breathtaking speed, and there are constantly new mobile devices on the market, which contributes to very high demands on websites and their technology. More and more use their smartphones and tablets to search the Internet and therefore it also requires adjustment so that everyone can have a useful and attractive experience regardless of their particular screen resolution.

A few years ago we called it mobile adaptation and that was because it was only mobile phones we talked about. Today, websites are instead built with responsive design, which means that they automatically can adapt to all kinds of phones and different screen resolutions on both tablets and computers.

Do you wish for all your visitors to have the same positive impression of your website and be able to take part of the information, then a website with responsive design is a given, and TopBorn would like to help you!

A development that requires responsive design

Responsive design is something that today is seen more or less as a given, but it hasn’t always been like that. Just a few years ago, the common thing was to have separate sites for your web- and mobile solutions. One were customized specifically for the web and another for mobile users, called a mobile adaptation. It took literally twice as much work.

With responsive design it’s enough to build one version for each website. The underlying technology will in turn automatically fit the page to the device that the visitor use, whether it’s a phone, a tablet or a larger display. In this way, all visitors perceive and use the content just as good regardless of their device’s screen resolution.


7 essential advantages responsive design

Without responsive design, your company is missing out on both the opportunities for increased sales and more customers. With a responsive mobile friendly website, these are a few of the benefits you get:

  • It requires only one version of you website.
  • The website stands out as appealing and works equally well on any device. A fact which results in that more of your visitors choose to return.
  • Since Google advocates responsive websites, it can possibly affect your rankings in their search results listings.
  • You can get all your visitor statistics gathered instead of two separate petitions.
  • No matter which smartphones or tablet devices are coming out for sale in the future, your website will have the opportunity to work just as well, because it adjusts to the screen size.
  • Since you’ll only have one URL, it’s also positive with responsivity at search engine optimization.
  • By having a responsive custom website, it also conveys that you’re a modern and progressive company that keeps up with developments and who care about your business, but also about your customers’ experiences.

We build websites for your company and your customers’ benefit

Are you one of those companies who has thought that responsive websites doesn’t apply to your target audience or industry, it’s time to think again. Please contact us so that we can help you to create a modern website, that can reach every consumer with the same message and function. It will increase your profitability and give you the chance to get more costumers.

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