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Websites with responsive design

A website with responsive design will always serve its full purpose regardless of the device the visitor use, or its screen format. Thanks to a responsive website, it automatically adapts to the screen resolution of the visitor’s browser. You can also be sure that the design, navigation, functionality and content works just as well on a smartphone or tablet as a laptop or desktop computer.

Today, over 50% are surfing through their mobile devices, this means that a responsive website is seen as a given with us at TopBorn.  Please contact us to find out more about what we do and what we can do for you.

The answer in a mobile world

Times change, and hence also the requirements on how a website should be built and look. Responsive design is a concept that is increasingly in demand, and more important for us in the web production industry for each day that passes. It’s no longer enough that it’s possible to see a website from a phone or tablet, the experience must also be as good as it is on a computer screen.

But what does responsive design mean?

With responsive design, we build your website to automatically adapt to the screen resolution of the user’s specific browser. In this way it will be perceived and used equally well regardless of whether the page is visited by a smartphone, a tablet or display of a larger size. It simply creates adaptation possibilities concerning the full contents ranging from navigation, design and functionality. All for the visitor to easily find what they search for without having to zoom in or scroll.

Another important function via responsive design is the ability to customize the information presented to each customer. Generally, people aren’t looking for the same information via mobile phones and desktops. For mobile users the information need to be more accessible and efficient, which creates a need for a different design, and perhaps even a different kind of structure regarding the information, with fewer or more sub pages.

Obvious advantages of responsive design

  • Visitors don’t have the risk of missing anything important. Any user of the website will be able to obtain all the information that you have chosen to share in the different versions.
  • By responsive design, you get a solution that covers up for everything. You no longer need to have multiple websites, making it easier for all parties involved.
  • It is easier to slim down and remove unnecessary content for each user. When we build a responsive site, we do it with the mobile devices foremost in mind and hence it is easier to slim down mobile versions so that unnecessary facts are avoided.
  • The same URL. No matter what device the visitor use, they can use the same URL.
  • No matter what new devices are introduced on the market in the future, your page will appear in the most appropriate manner.
  • A page that gives visitors this kind of experience will generate more benefits.

Do we really need to build websites with responsive design?

The answer is simple: Yes we do.

Today more and more customers choose to keep their online presence through more devices than the traditional computer screen. That means that the need to have a website with responsive design is huge. All trend analyses today show that the number of mobile users are increasing exponentially. Responsive design is not only a smart choice, it’s indeed a must. It gives you the possibility to create unique features and web designs that you require and wish for.

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