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Websites for businesses

A website is essential for all businesses regardless of size or industry.

With a functional and attractive website you can reach out to more customers, it strengthens your brand and delivers important information about your products, services and business.

At TopBorn we build affordable websites of outstanding quality, based on each client’s specific wishes, needs and objectives. Through creativity, knowledge and expertise we create customized solutions, that delivers the best results for both your visitors as well as your rankings on Google.

We always build our websites with the world’s most popular CMS, WordPress, so that you as a customer gets a user friendly and easy to use website.

General information about websites

A website today is essential, especially for companies that want to grow and compete with other players in their industry. The Internet has evolved to become one big marketplace where consumers, either search for information or makes purchases.

The most powerful marketing tool for your company is to have a website. If you use it right, you can reach out to more customers, and create a growing awareness of you business.

At TopBorn we have delivered user-friendly, functional and modern websites to thousands of customers over several years. We know what it takes to get the maximum out of your digital presence and always create custom pages based on each client’s specific needs, tailored to their main target.



When ordering a website from TopBorn, you can count on:

We promise our customers modern, accurate and user-friendly websites. To keep our promise we also get all customers a well-structured website with responsive design, search engine optimization and conversion optimization. Your new website will also be tested and optimized for the Google Page Speed Test which is also a factor for your future rankings on Google.

Responsive Design

The number of mobile Internet users is constantly increasing and the majority of your visitors will most likely use a smartphone or tablet. By building your website in responsive design, we make sure that they always have a good and user-friendly experience while on your site. Your website will automatically be adjusted based on the visitor’s screen resolution, so that the design, functionality, navigation and content functions optimally. Recently, Google also announced that they value responsive functions when they rank websites, which will help you to get a better placement on Google.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization makes you visible to the customer when they search on Google and other search engines. To appear in exactly the same moment that the customers are searching for what you have to offer will give you a unique opportunity for business and greater visitor flow to your website. With the help of on-page optimization we make sure that the site’s structure, content and coding is relevant and prioritized by the major search engines such as Google.

Conversion Efficiency

Conversion optimization turns your visitors into paying customers. For you to get the most out of your new website, we will focus on its conversion capabilities and optimize the content and structure for it to achieve its purpose. It’s all about taking care of the customer and to simplify and motivate them to perform / achieve your specific goals – to convert. By including improved navigation, clear information, strategic object placement, distinctive call-to-action and simplified flows, we see to it that the customer converts and head in the direction you want them to.

Page Speed

Everyone wants a fast website. It’s not only that visitors will get a much nicer experience, but also because it gives a higher ranking in search engine results lists. A website signed by TopBorn is optimized for the absolute best Page Speed. Please take a look at our own website’s results here.

At TopBorn we create stylish websites with visibility

Do you need to upgrade your existing website or build a brand new. With the help from us at TopBorn you will get a professional and attractive website that successfully market your services and products across the web, and strengthens customers awareness of your brand.

Please contact us and describe what you would like to get out of your website, we will develop a solution specifically tailored based on your business. We love design and we know how to create accurate and effective communication. Welcome!

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