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YouTube – Advertising

The effect that can be achieved by video advertising are hard to beat. YouTube knows this and has seized the opportunity, they’ve developed their service so that companies can publish video ads that reach out to millions of consumers, at all hours.

With about 1 billion unique visitors each month, YouTube opened the door to a huge group of potential customers. All you need to do is take a chance and then welcome them when they contact you and ask for your services or products.

Smart and affordable advertising

Commercials have long been an unattainable dream for many business owners, especially those who run a small business with natural constraints. Now, YouTube has changed the rules of the game and everyone now has the opportunity to reach out with their marketing through video advertising, smooth, accurate and above all affordable.

As an advertiser you decide a daily budget so that you’ve got control of your costs. You never spend more than what feels right for you and as icing on the cake, you only pay when the ad generates a response based on the ad’s purpose. If the ad is shown less than 30 seconds, your budget stays the same as before.

Please contact us to find out more about what you can get out of a presence through ads on YouTube, the world’s third largest platform.

Projects rolling

Click on the image below to see an example of a suitable video ad for social media.


YouTube – A marketing channel that hits

To be visible is of course hugely important but to be visible in the right way is the thing that matters.

Not even a world class advertisement will provide the desired dividends if it’s displayed in the wrong place.

One of the biggest advantages with advertising on YouTube is the possibility to direct the ad so that it’s visible for your target audience. With a wide range of targeting options, you decide if you want it to show for a specific age group, geographic location, gender or interest group, to find the right customer for your company and your products.

Good marketing techniques can often measure your results. The advertising function on YouTube comes with a built-in service where you can reconcile how the ad works and engage in the necessary fine-tuning for higher functionality.

Please contact us at TopBorn and we’ll tell you more about YouTubes’ many possibilities.

Benefits for those who utilize YouTube’s advertising opportunities

Advertising through YouTube comes with endless advantages that no company should ignore.

  • Unlimited range
  • Simple and accurate audience targeting
  • The ad is shown in real time
  • Cheap and controllable costs
  • Simple budget management

The easiest way to advertise through video. Please contact us at TopBorn we can help you to make an active decision about becoming a part of YouTube’s advertising opportunity.

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